6 cybersecurity tips to protect your business in 2023

6 cybersecurity tips to protect your business in 2023

January 23, 2023

Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important in the business world. With the increased use of technology in the workplace, companies are facing a wide variety of cyber threats.

In this year 2023, it is essential to be prepared to face cybersecurity in companies due to the continuous evolution of threats and the increase of remote work. That is why from Midway Technologies we tell you 6 cybersecurity tips to protect your company in 2023: 

  1. Deploy updates without delays. Microsoft, every second Tuesday of every month, releases security updates for Windows and Office to fix bugs and vulnerabilities of different kinds. Don't forget to apply these updates every month to your employees' computers and servers. And don't stop there, extend it to the rest of the software you use in your organization (Acrobat Reader, Firefox, Chrome, WinRAR, 7 zip, etc.). Remember that with Microsoft Endpoint Manager you can manage this process in a very simple and agile way.
  2. Limit the administration permissions of your employees. Even if you have all your computers up to date, if your organization's employees have administrative permissions on their computers, it is very likely that attackers can take advantage of these permissions and disable your computers' antivirus, install malicious software, etc. Remember that with our CLAPS security solution, you will be able to remove administrator permissions for your employees, providing them with a self-service portal in case they temporarily need higher permissions.
  3. Enable a second authentication factor. For any system you have contracted in the cloud (Office 365, Azure, Salesforce, Gmail, etc.) or VPN connection system, activate the need to always enter a second authentication factor. This will allow you to block connections from attackers who have extracted the username and password of any employee using phishing or similar techniques. In addition, if you have your productivity tools in Microsoft 365, you can make use of Conditional Access to force the use of the second authentication factor.
  4. Train your staff in cybersecurity. It is crucial that your staff is informed on security best practices and, most importantly, on how to detect and respond to cyber threats. You can organize online or in-person training sessions to ensure your staff is informed about the latest threats and how to protect your company's information. From Midway we can help you provide Cybersecurity courses to your employees to equip them with non-technical tools that will enable them to be on the lookout for abnormal situations.
  5. Perform pentesting tests and security audits. These tests help detect vulnerabilities in your systems and allow you to take measures to correct them before threats can take advantage of them. This will allow you to identify all the risks you have and you will be able to establish an action plan to solve them and eliminate or reduce them. We can help you both in the realization of these audits and in the implementation of the necessary measures to reduce or mitigate these risks.
  6. Let us help you. If all this cybersecurity stuff overwhelms you, you do not have adequate knowledge or qualified personnel to carry it out, there are many cybersecurity expert companies that can help you improve in every element of cybersecurity and thus be better prepared. At Midway Technologies we can help you in any action related to cybersecurity.

In summary, cybersecurity is a critical issue in the business world. With the increased use of technology in the workplace and the rise of remote work, it is essential to be prepared to deal with cyber threats. 

At Midway Technologies we are specialists in infrastructure security audits, Cloud or OnPrem and social engineering through pentesting or redteam exercises. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you informed of all our latest news 🙂

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