Midway Technologies Communication Channel

The Communication Channel is a way to manage communications related to non-compliance with the Law, suspicions of criminal offenses or violations of Midway's internal regulations. You can consult our Internal Information System Policy here.

Who can use the Communication Channel?

Communications may be made by anyone who has an employment, professional, business or commercial relationship with Midway or any of its affiliates.

What events can be communicated through the Communication Channel?

Acts, attitudes and/or behaviors that involve non-compliance with Midway's internal regulations or current legislation, such as:

  • Suspected criminal offenses
  • Workplace or sexual harassment
  • Serious or very serious administrative violations of legal regulations
  • Non-compliance with Midway's internal regulations
  • Others

How will the Channel Manager handle my communications?

All communications made through this channel will be confidential and can be anonymous. It has a secure communication space to ensure that all interactions between the parties are fully protected and the maximum confidentiality of all information is guaranteed. The personal data provided will be treated in accordance with current data protection regulations, and the protection of the rights of the informant and the person concerned is guaranteed at all times as provided for in Law 2/2023 of 20 February, regulating the protection of persons who report regulatory infringements and the fight against corruption.

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