INNOVATION DAY 2023 - Summary

INNOVATION DAY 2023 - Summary

June 28, 2023

On June 15 we held our first INNOVATION DAY, an event that took us on an exciting journey to the forefront of innovation.

It was a day full of excitement, inspiration and opportunities, where we immersed ourselves in the fascinating world of artificial intelligence, explored the latest technology trends and discovered disruptive solutions that are revolutionizing the business landscape with Microsoft and our Midway R&D team.


Reshaping the work environment

During the INNOVATION DAY, we were honored to have the presence of Antonio Cruz, Director of Workplace and Safety at Microsoft. In his talk he addressed the factors that are redefining the way we work. From the impact of the flexible workplace on the employee experience, to the incorporation of Generative Artificial Intelligence models, such as Copilot for Microsoft 365. We witnessed firsthand how the latest trends are reshaping the workplace.

"Copilot is about helping you to do things better, to copilot your work together with you. Let it do in 2 minutes what would possibly take you 20."

Antonio Cruz.

"Copilot serves to help us with the digital load, be more productive, be more creative and have new skills that we were previously unaware of because we didn't have this tool in our hands."

Antonio Cruz.

"Copilot is applying generative AI models to the data you generate within Microsoft 365 and incorporating it into the applications you use in your day-to-day life."

Antonio Cruz.

AI synergy in action

That was not all. Our talented Midway R&D team, composed of Juan Luis Susillo, Ugo García and José Miguel López, delighted us with a practical demonstration of how we integrate artificial intelligence into our companies.

They presented Midfriend, a proof of concept of Midway's new virtual assistant. Its application was a clear demonstration of the potential and opportunities that AI brings in optimizing processes, making decisions and creating customized solutions for our customers.

"GPT is nothing more than an algorithm that predicts words. Just like a weather model predicts the weather, GPT predicts the words that would go as an answer to the user's question."

Ugo Garcia

"Chat GPT has arrived to democratize the use of AI in our lives."

Juan Luis Susillo

"Azure Machine Learning allows us to pass it the information, train lots and lots of models, analyze them, validate them, cross-reference them, and recommend the one that best fits the information we've passed it."

Jose Miguel Lopez

Summary of the event

INNOVATION DAY video summary

INNOVATION DAY as an annual tradition

INNOVATION DAY will not be an isolated event in the calendar, but born with the intention of becoming a benchmark as a technology event. A day where we will meet to promote business success through innovation and technology, a space where collaboration and exchange of ideas and inspiration shine with its own light.

The future awaits us, and we are ready to embrace it with enthusiasm and determination.

Let's keep innovating together!

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