He who follows, gets it! ;-)

He who follows, gets it! ;-)

July 4, 2018

This expression, which is used on a daily basis to refer to a variety of situations, sums up perfectly the result of the work we have done at Midway during this first half of the year.

Thanks to the appreciation of our customers and to meet the objectives set by Microsoft within the Partnership programs, we are really happy to inform you that we have achieved a new level of Partnership, the Silver level with the Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency.

With this newly acquired competency, the quality of the work we do is certified by Microsoft. Achieving this type of competency involves overcoming a series of requirements among which the following stand out: having a number of certified people within the team, helping our customers use Microsoft technologies to streamline their business processes and, obviously, these customers confirm in writing the degree of satisfaction of the project that has been carried out.

This competence positions us as a reference in technologies with Office 365, both in terms of licensing advice and design and implementation of solutions that are supported by each of the products that make up the Office 365 ecosystem.

But we are not satisfied with Office 365 alone, we continue to work to the maximum in projects of transformation of the workplace(ConfigMgr / MDT), securization in identity management with solutions such as Conditional Access, migration of infrastructure to Azure not only as independent VMs, but integrated with solutions such as Azure Backup or implementations of Azure Security Center to monitor the risk status of OnPremise and Cloud infrastructures.

We will continue to keep you informed of new developments of this type, as our main objective is to help you achieve your business objectives through the appropriate use of the available technology .

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