We're on fire! 😉 We're increasing our Microsoft competencies

We're on fire! 😉 We're increasing our Microsoft competencies

June 17, 2020

We increased our Microsoft competencies. One of the objectives we had in our 2020 Strategic Plan was to continue positioning ourselves as a reference partner in Microsoft technologies. Four years ago we decided to found Midway with the objective of helping companies improve their IT and business processes through the managed services offered by Microsoft in its portfolio of Cloud solutions. Almost a year later, we achieved our first Silver competency using Microsoft solutions. Since then, we have all our efforts to train our employees, help our customers to use the most appropriate solutions within the Microsoft ecosystem and to achieve their goals in a faster way.

Today, 3 years later, and during these unusual months, we have managed to increase our level of competence with Microsoft, demonstrating once again that we are a company committed to the quality of the services we provide to our customers.

Find below a quick description of hese new skills, or the levelincrease in existing ones:

  • Gold in Cloud Productivity: This accredits us as experts in advanced Microsoft 365 solutions not only at the implementation level, but also in operation, evolution and security. This is really important in a Cloud world where everything changes very quickly and we need to be prepared and trained to respond to the needs of our customers in an agile, secure and efficient way. This competency not only evaluates traditional services such as Mail (Exchange), Document Management (SharePoint) or Storage (OneDrive) but also all the technologies related to the Power Platform such as Power Automate or PowerApps.
  • Silver in Windows and Devices: It accredits us as experts in the new model of workstation management called "Modern Workplace". This new concept is based on the idea that with a simple Internet connection the life cycle of a workstation can ben managed from start to finish and in the most automated and secure way possible, forgetting about traditional VPNs. In this case Microsoft confirms that we have proven knowledge and experience in Microsoft EndPoint Configuration Manager (known as SCCM), Microsoft Intune, Autopilot, Co-Management, Windows Update for Business and other technologies that are revolutionizing the way of managing the workplace.
  • Gold in Datacenter: It accredits us as experts in Windows Server technologies reinforcing the capacity of our SysOps teams. This competence is regardless of where the servers are located, whether in any cloud of any service provider or in a private Datacenter. We can deploy, operate and evolve in a secure way all servers running under Windows Server.

At Midway Technologies we have increased our Microsoft competencies by adding to the ones we already had, such as Gold in Cloud Platform (Azure) or Silver in Application and Development (Azure DevOps), resulting in a total of 3 Gold and 3 Silver competencies.

But that's not all, we are already focusing on the next competencies related specifically to security solutions. We hope we can talk about it soon.

PS: If you are not sure about the advantages of working with Microsoft Certified Partners, you can take a look here. If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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